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That’s because, from experience, we know it doesn’t help your decision-making process.

Take a moment to think. What short and simple task would you delegate to one of our highly talented Virtual Employees, that will utterly convince you that hiring them is the best idea you have come up with for a very long time (or not).

Working with Virtual Employees is straightforward. The date you create your account and select one of our Flexible monthly plans marks your initial “billing date.” You will then continue with this plan unless you specify otherwise.

Should you require additional support beyond your plan, your Virtual Employee can seamlessly continue working for you, and your account will be replenished with extra time, according to your chosen billing preferences.

In months where you have lower activity and do not utilize all the hours in your plan, any unused time will carry over to the subsequent billing period (although please note that it does not carry over indefinitely).

You will have access to a live overview of the time your Virtual Employees have used during the billing period, as well as a summary of the remaining time at your disposal, within our portal.

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